Cooking Show

I. Category of Content

Why did we choose this kind of content?

Our chosen content is a cooking tutorial (cooking show). We chose cooking and food content as the focus of our website and channel because we all have mutual interest in cooking and food. Some of us may appreciate cooking as a hobby, while others may watch culinary tutorial videos to learn much about cooking, and yet others may watch cooking videos as a form of therapy after a busy, tough day. There are many things cooking and food content can do.

What are cooking shows?

A cooking show is a television genre in which the host prepares cuisine in a restaurant kitchen, on a studio set, or in his or her own home. Typically, the show's host, who is usually a celebrity chef, produces one or more meals throughout the length of an episode, taking the viewer through the inspiration, preparation, and cooking stages of the food. Our content will be similar to cooking shows that we usually see on television. We will showcase our talents in our videos. We plan to teach them how to cook different Filipino dishes and cuisines.